About Us

Hey there! Welcome to the site I’M SO PISSED OFF!

We all have the moment day to day that we feel so irritated, and want to slam the door on someone’s face, or screaming out all the F* words, or simply just give up all the effort we tried to make things work.

But most of the time, this will not happen, we try to bury those feelings deeply, control them or even denying them. We were raised to be a nice coworker, a professional employee, a loving mom, a well behaved person with good manner, right?

Damn it!

Bad feelings won’t disappear just like that! It accumulate within our body and one day we gonna explode and do something we regret.

Let it out. Laughter is the cure.

Express your anger and anxiety with all kind of funny stuff we could possibly find around the internet, laugh about it, release some tension and figure out a way to continue the hard life.

we all with you and trust us, you will love it.


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